Packing for the cruise


Today as a pair of shorts for Bert arrived, he asked why I was not putting things direct into the suitcase. It was a good question. It doesn’t make much sense to have snorkel vests, and beach backpacks sitting in the closet taking up precious closet space when I could put them in the suitcase and make sure they are not forgotten.

Along with the RFID passport holder I received a list of 15 things to ensure a good trip while you are still at home.

I remember my cardinal rule which is as long as you have a passport and a credit card you will have a good vacation.

First on the list is Passport which is valid for at least 6 months after your return date. They also suggest making a copy of the passport and putting it in your luggage. I prefer having a photo in my phone.

Make sure you have necessary valid visas. I’m not looking forward to this. I’ve only been to countries you can purchase a visa at the airport, but I’ll assume Regent wouldn’t use a company that didn’t make this easy. I’ll let you know.

Make sure to purchase the right travel insurance package for you. With Bert being 98 this is important. When I was traveling and in my 30’s I figured I didn’t need it and would use local physicians if I needed to, and the worst thing I needed was some saline nose drops for my daughter who was 2 and badly congested.

They said to check and make sure your debit card will work in your destination countries. If you are going on a World Cruise this becomes a big hassle.

Remember to check in online at the earliest time and grab the best seats. Print your e-tickets.

They recommend having local cash for buses,trains, and taxis. I have always used my ATM card and taken minimal cash. I will have to think this through as to how much for 131 day trip.

Check your airlines baggage allowance. I need to check with Regent. At this point I plan on shipping 2 bags for me and 1 bag for Bert and a wheelchair. I will take one small bag for Bert and one small bag for me for Christmas in Seattle. I need to coordinate bag pick up either before Christmas or with the concierge at our building.

Use durable luggage tags in case your bag gets lost. I have purchased luggage that stands out. Orange for Bert and Red for me. I also put a copy of our information and cruise ship inside the bags so if we have a mishap our bags will join us.

Prepare for airport security and avoid firearms, sharp objects and follow the 3-1-1 rules for liquids.

Print your hotels reservation and find the best way to get there from the airport.

Check with your phone provider to see if they have service in your destination country. This is also a huge undertaking on a World Cruise. I have TMobile and between that and WiFi I will make due.

Ask your doctor for a prescription and carry medication in your carry on.

Take a good travel adapter with UK, US, AU and EU plugs.

Book tickets in advance for popular attractions. I have most of our excursions booked and am keeping a master list and checking every two weeks to see if new ports have tours available.

Download travel apps. They recommend trip advisor and google maps. They say to download offline mode so you don’t use roaming data.