Dream big


Well great news, Bert has remained cancer free so we opted to book the world cruise.

On  January 2017 we booked the cruise of a lifetime. We booked shortly after the cruise was announced. It would knock one country off Bert’s list, it would allow me to visit Hawaii with someone romantic, and put me closer to my goal of visiting all the continents before I die. I began making lists of things I’d need to do before we left and things I wanted to purchase to make our cabin our home away from home. I have purchased plugs and my daughter got us magnetic picture frames, we bought clips for our towels. I bought snorkel vests so Bert could relax in the water. I began booking shore excursions, which on a cruise this long is a job. This may be the only time I get to see some of these places, and will probably be Bert’s last major trip, so balancing the fact that at 98 he has slowed down with the desire to see the World has been challenging.