San Francisco Chronicle article on our trip
We decided at 93 it was time Bert enjoyed his bucket list. We spent 2014 going to 81 baseball games for the SF Giants. Oh, did I mention that we went on 81 road games, and the Giants won the World Series. We made many friends along the way. Bert got to fulfill his dream of living the life of a ball player, and I got to see my first World Series. The Giants made us feel like superstars. They gave us a jersey autographed by the entire team. They allowed us to sit with the players families during the playoff road games. Larry Baer invited us to sit with his family. It was a dream come true.


B530C3D1-FB14-4DA1-9823-CFFA5064DB18Bert and I enjoyed baseball, theater, and travel. We went to SF Giants training camp, enjoyed the SF ballet, and ACT theater. Eight months after meeting, on a theater trip to Canada, Bert proposed, and I said yes. You can guess what we did on the honeymoon, we cruised on the RSSC Voyager. We went from Sydney to New Zealand. Life has been an adventure ever since.

Where do I begin?

I guess the best place to start is at the beginning. My daughter and I were taking a cruise together because I planned on taking a job in Ghana and wouldn’t see her for a year. We had booked things together and made our plans. We had both been through a rough patch and so it was time to enjoy one of the activities we loved most, cruising. We boarded the ship, unpacked and went to dinner. I didn’t get the seating I prefer and so went to the dining room, and at our table was a man in his 90’s sailing alone. He introduced himself in his New York accent and began sharing his story. He’d been through a rough patch too, and his son had suggested he might want to cruise. I had not had many conversations with 90 year olds, but he seemed educated and interesting. Who knew where it would lead? Certainly not me.