Well, today is Bert’s 98th birthday. He is getting excited about the trip. We were awakened by a call from Luggage forward, to make arrangements for luggage pick up. For me trivia like how many countries we will visit, which is 26. Currently there are 195. This means we will see 13% of the worlds countries on this trip. My goal is to visit all the continents before I die. After this trip I will need to visit Antarctica and Africa to complete my goal, and this seems realistic. I think Im going to begin making a list of the 195 countries and see how many I’ve visited. Since our last post I have ordered a case for Bert’s wheelchair, checked on our additional visa application, finished everything as far as travel reservations except car rental, and begun packing. I think now that we have had our first frost we will begin packing since we won’t need our warm weather clothing until the trip. I plan on doing a bit of shopping while in Seattle, but prefer clothing that has a memory attached. We need clothing for gala and our week in Seattle, so that will need to pack separate from what we ship. Wow, it seems real.



Bert had a mishap and I was concerned the trip was in jeopardy. He had a spectacular fall and fractured his pelvis in 3 spots and his tailbone in one. They recommended rehab for 30 days. We opted to do it at home, and as you can see two weeks later Bert was on his way to 100%.

We got our first visa this week, 3 to go. I had my initial
travel medicine interview and have my travel vaccine appointment scheduled and Berts the next day. I continue to work through the list and my concern now is do we need another suitcase?

I’ve been excited from the day we booked. Bert is finally realizing the reality. He is starting to think about clothes.