Well, final cruise payment was made. I used points from credit card to get a GoPro Hero 6 ordered. We got visa and passport photos and mailed Bert’s passport off for renewal. I can thank a blogger for alerting me that we have to fill out visa applications ourselves so I ordered extra photos. I foolishly assumed the cruise line filled out visa applications when they give you a visa package. Regent Seven Seas is so helpful that it isn’t a stupid supposition. I have read multiple World Cruise blogs and people have provided useful information. I am beginning creating draft pages so I have a short blurb on each port and the the excursions we have booked. This will shorten the amount of time I need to get the blog up while on the cruise.

Tomorrow I take out suitcases and begin packing Cruise specific items. I bought a backpack at Costco in the back to school sale. This is useful for beach trips. I’ll roll the beach blankets I have and put them in the backpack in the suitcase. I like having the Turkish towels since we won’t look like tourists with ship towels. I have nightlights and towel clips. I’ll make a list pre cruise and then note how many of the items I found really useful.

It is nice having all this time to be organized for our new home away from home. 48DA21C4-342E-48D5-9A66-1DBEBB721F3F

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