What others recommend

I’ve been reading cruise critics message boards today and here are some items that others posted to consider. Two posts seemed to sum things up.

special items that can make a cruise cabin “home” for months at a time
packing for lengthy journey.
communication with loved ones at home
eating strategies for long term dining on a ship (ok except lobster every 10-20 days is ok with me)
staying fit on a long cruise
staying well on a long cruise
Negotiating with a travel agent

The biggest thing I can suggest first up is research every port for your requirement for visas and get them underway
if you need alot then definitely use a visa orginisation even though they are expensive it is the only way to do numerous visas

second is see a travel doctor for any and all innoculations you should get – don’t skimp

Third – use your bucket list to determine main ports you wish to do very well
the shear cost is too daunting to do all well, and most are good enough to do on your own

fourth – set yourself daily expenditure budget
and stick to it

Of these things we have the magnetic photos, night light for the bathroom, plugs, dry erase board

We have free laundry and dry cleaning so have decided to pack for 2 weeks and buy things we are missing

We got T-Mobile so we can text and we will post as time permits. We get some free phone time from ship so will use that. We can FaceTime or MarcoPolo or WhatsApp when in port.

Eating will be a challenge, but Bert can get soup, smoothies, and ice cream.

Fitness I plan on walking and swimming when not in port. Bert will probably have enough activity with excursions, but I’ll check out a trainer onboard.

Medical is available onboard and we have insurance. I definitely am in to extra hand washing. I read to get a copy of medical records and I’ll have to get medication for 131 days.

We already chose a travel agent.

I agree that research is helpful. With so many ports I purchased Sterns Guide to the cruise vacation. It discusses every ship and every port. I will expand with fodors and TripAdvisor

Regent handles the visas so luckily this is not something I have to fuss with. Bert’s passport is good until after we return and I’m not sure if we need to get another. Mine is good til 2023.

We both need to see a travel doctor, Kaiser won’t let me see one until 3 months out.

We have excursions booked in most ports already. I’ll review the ports we don’t have them and get them booked. I’m not sure if Bert will be able to do that many, so some of this is life everything else, be flexible.


3 thoughts on “What others recommend

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  2. Seeing a travel doctor makes sense. Even if your insurance would let you see one sooner, most inoculations are not covered by insurance, so you would have to pay out of pocket anyway. Budget at least a few hundred dollars.


    1. I have Kaiser and for the almost $1000 a month I pay, I get a free travel doctor visit and hopefully needed meds. I don’t know what will happen with Bert….of course we will get what we need to stay healthy


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