How to plan for a World Cruise

I have never taken a World Cruise so this was a big question. I also think this is a very personal question, as no two people are alike. While I have read about people taking a dozen or more suitcases, that is not my style, even if I had enough to fill a dozen suitcases. The other extreme is take a backpack and throw in a few basic items. This is my style if I’m backpacking but not for cruising. The basic strategy I have decided is to pack as if I am going on a two week cruise, and relax, enjoy and bring an extra suitcase in case I find purchases along the way. I need to take a wheelchair and a walker for Bert. This will be the first time He has needed these items, but I want him to enjoy and not be worn out. The cruise company will ship two bags each so I will see if I can arrange Bert’s wheel chair as one of his bags, and take the walker on the plane.

Here is a list of items I have found to be useful outside of clothes. Both Bert and I have hanging toiletries bags and these keep the bathroom neater. My friend Scott introduced us to these. Ziplock bags are useful and I usually take 3. This trip I plan on taking 6 each. They are useful for beach trips. I like being able to see and so I will get another pair of glasses and a prescription snorkel mask. There is nothing more frustrating than going snorkeling and not being able to see the fish. I also don’t like using someone else’s mask. I have dry pouches for our phones. I have the clips for our beach chairs to keep towels in place. I have pink flamingos and Bert has clown fish. I got Turkish beach towels and put them in a day pack. We will not be identified as tourist as easily and they are absorbent. We have a dry erase board so if we are not on the same tour and opt to go someplace we can let each other know where we are. I also got an adapter so I can plug in multiple electronic devices. I’ve checked out the library onboard ship and plan on bringing a kindle, iPad, phone, and may purchase a laptop. I am also purchasing a GoPro. I am decorating the cabin with some magnetic frames with family pictures. I’ll also get some magnetic clips. I’m interested if you are reading this and have traveled what items you are glad you brought.


One thought on “How to plan for a World Cruise

  1. I never would have thought of most of these things. I love the idea of taking small personal items for your room. Even though most of my trips are short, I go on so many that I think I might start keeping something in my bag to have in hotel rooms. It’s a nice idea.

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