Cruise and cancer

As we finished the baseball trip we had a World Cruise planned, but Bert had a sore throat and we went to the doctor for the third time in a year. He sent up to a throat specialist and we learned within the next 48 hours that Bert had throat cancer. The oncologist said because of Bert’s age she was reluctant to treat him, she said we should consider sailing off into the sunset. I asked Bert what he wanted, and he said I want to live. I plan on having a 100 year birthday party. We canceled the cruise and began the focus on saving Bert. The doctor said there was a 50/50 chance of survival. We had Bert’s birthday party and friends and family came together to celebrate Bert’s life. The next day Bert began radiation. He was a trooper. We had support from friends and family and even our beloved San Francisco Giants. We decided to sell our condo and took off to spring training. We went to all the Giants home games. Bert said there were 3 places he would live New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC. After spring training we decided to check out DC and New York and decide where to go. We were headed toward DC and learned Gina Nibbi had an offer on our condominium. We accepted and decided we better figure out where to live. We ventured from Phoenix to DC and began looking at condominiums. We found a condo two blocks from the ballpark with a river view and fell in love with the Navy Yard. We placed an offer and it was accepted, but we couldn’t get in for two months. We began exploring DC and got Nationals season tickets. Shortly after our daughter was accepted into law school at American University in DC.

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